Douglas Gordon, Self Portrait of You and Me (Audrey Hepburn) 2010. Burned Print Size framed: 26,9 x 21 x 6 cm.

A SP-Art 2018, which takes place every year in the second week of April, at the São Paulo Bienal Pavilion, promises to confirm the traditional meeting of agents from the national and international art circuit in the city. The event will feature 131 galleries, solo performances and curated spaces. For the third time, there will be a space dedicated to design, with more than 33 galleries present.

The city is getting ready for daily openings of exhibitions in galleries, night tours of guided tours in the Gallery Night, book launches, seminars and debates in museums.

On Saturday, April 7, the ARTE57 Gallery opens Chimera, artist Fernanda Feher's first solo show.

O Tomie Ohtake Institute organizes a full afternoon of activities around Turbulence, with guided tours by Paulo Pasta and Paulo Miyada in the Cecily Brown exhibition, conversations with Brazilian and foreign artists who visit the city especially this week and an unprecedented performance by artist Bené Fonteles.

On the 9th, at 20:XNUMX, the Station Gallery organizes a visit to the exhibition by Teodoro Dias, who talks about his career, his creative process and his new works, made for the current exhibition.

On Tuesday the 10th, the Nara Roesler Gallery open the exhibition Leon Ferrari: for a world without Hell, curated by Lisette Lagnado. On the occasion, the gallery presents works by the artist to the public, who become part of its cast. As part of the program, the gallery organizes on Thursday, 12, a conference at MAM, at 19 pm, with the presence of the artist Regina Silveira, Catherine David (Centre Pompidou), the Argentinean curator Vitoria Noorthonn (Museum of Modern Art of Argentina) and the Mexican curator Pablo León de la Barra.

On the same day, the Galeria Vermelho, presents the work of Mauricio Dias & Walter Riedweg, dedicated to the work of the American Charles Hovland, more specifically with the images that the photographer took from his advertisements in New York newspapers in the 1970s and 1980s. In this project, he invited ordinary people to fulfill their sexual fantasies to Your camera.

Of the numerous galleries, two, created in 2017, are presented for the first time at SP-Arte. THE Adelina Gallery, by businessman Fábio Luchetti, has an exhibition space, courses and workshops. It opens, also in the week, an exhibition of the collective DRESSAGE. The other newcomer is Gallery Houssein Jarouche which, according to its director and founder, the entrepreneur who gives the investment its name, will be the first space in Brazil dedicated to Pop Art practices and their reverberations in contemporary art.

The traditional and habitué Bahian gallery Paulo Darze invests this year in the work of Rubem Valentim, born in Sé, in Salvador.

His repertoire, with a geometric base, points to a syncretism, given that his family was of Catholic origin, but he ventured into the world of Umbanda and Candomblé. Friends of Rubem, who died in 1991, got together to create an organization named after him. The Instituto Rubem Valentim was inaugurated in 2017, in Brasília, with the efforts of Celso Albano, Paulo Darzé, Jonas Bergamim, Carlos Dale and Antônio Almeida and the critic Frederico de Morais, among others. “It was an old desire of Reuben. He tried to do that in the 70s, but he couldn't”, says Paulo Darzé.

Fernando Oliva, MASP curator and one of the participants in the Echoes of the South Atlantic Conference, which the Goethe-Institut will carry out in Salvador, also in April, comments that Valentim's work will be rescued by MASP, in the second semester, for the references he established with the universe of the Afro-Brazilian cultural and visual matrix, especially with regard to to religiosity. He points to the objects, cult tools, altar structures, and symbols of gods represented by Valentine.

“In Valentim's works, there is a very subtle and precise interpenetration between the constructive base structure, the iconography and the color inherited from the Afro-Brazilian magical and religious universe”.

In the second edition of Repertoire, a space curated by Jacopo Crivelli Visconti, the objective was to find a chronological artistic cut focusing on works produced during the 1980s. Jacqueline Martins, Almeida and Dale (To Ione Saldanha) and the italian gallery To be continued.

During the fair, the winner of the Residency Award from SP-Arte whose finalists this year are: Daniel Jablonski, Janaína Torres Gallery; daniel lie, House Triangle; Igor Vidor, Galeria Leme and Luciana Caravello Galeria; Laura Bethlehem, Contemporary Athena, and Marcelo City, Galeria Vermelho. In 2018, the program offers a three-month stay at the Delfina Foundation, one of the leading organizations of its kind, based in London.

This year, the reader and the visitor can search the cast of artists and the set of works, as well as the complete program, on the fair's website

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