Perito Moreno Glacier
Perito Moreno Glacier, in Argentine Patagonia

Almost two decades ago, Luiz Marques He changed what was his main field of research – the history of art and, more specifically, Italian Renaissance art – to embrace an urgent and complex theme: the overwhelming environmental crisis, which represents the great existential challenge of our time. His first book on the subject, Capitalism and Environmental Collapse (2015), provides an encouraging assessment of the situation, compiles and unravels an overwhelming amount of data and clearly demonstrates the inexorable connection between an unsustainable way of life and its absolutely deleterious effects on nature. The work, which is now in its third edition and was most recently translated into English, attacks what Marques defines as three concentric illusions: the myth of sustainable capitalism, the belief that the more surplus we have, the safer our existence is and, finally, the anthropocentric illusion, a false presumption of superiority of the human species.

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