Known for his work with haute cuisine, Sergio Coimbra decides to dedicate himself now to the creation of fine art works. After photographing for dozens of books by renowned chefs around the world and collaborating on works by artists such as Ai Weiwei, Sergio creates his first series for a solo gallery exhibition: Supernova, which runs until June 28 at Galeria ArtEEdições, in Sao Paulo.

Thinking about the spin technique, Sergio had the idea of ​​building a machine that would perform the same type of spin, but with spices and other culinary materials. He chose to experiment in the kitchen of chef Massimiliano Alajmo from Padova, Italy, and spent almost two weeks in a kind of laboratory.
The effect created with the spiralization of flour, pepper, liquids and other materials made Marcello Dantas, invited by the artist to curate the exhibition, see the rare stellar phenomenon of the Supernova in the photographs. Thus, the Supernova series was born, which was added to an installation, put on display at SP-Arte. A sort of planetarium with four projectors reproduces Sergio's photographs in a dome. People lie on a sofa and can watch the supernovae created by the artist. The experience in this work, entitled Supernova – Domo, can be seen until April 7 at the fair.

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