Untitled [Black Gold]. Photo by Germano Neto. Courtesy Ouro Preto Contemporary Art Institute (ia)

Until the 13th of February, the Instituto de Arte Contemporânea de Ouro Preto (ia) has open enrollment for the first edition of the Emergency Artist Residency Program – iai. The six-week experience will take place entirely digitally, with curatorial and pedagogical guidance and offering grants of BRL 2 to participants.

To be carried out with resources from the Aldir Blanc Law, the program is aimed at visual artists, researchers and art educators who are in a vulnerable situation and whose production is compromised or paralyzed due to the new coronavirus pandemic. Three candidates residing in Ouro Preto (MG) will be selected, and another three Brazilians or foreigners residing in other municipalities in the state of Minas Gerais. In this way, the project seeks to draw parallels between local and global artistic manifestations and “reiterate the current inevitability of producing, observing, enjoying and interacting in a context of social distancing”, explain the founders of the institution in an official note.

Conceived by the Instituto de Arte Interativo (iai), ia's virtual arm, the project has as its central axis a creative process with pedagogical purposes. In addition, it proposes a decolonial look at the arts associated with the possibility of establishing new ways of being in the world through digital platforms. Thus, the residency is structured around three main questions: how can digital platforms help create other ways of producing and being in the world? How can digital platforms be used to find other temporalities and spatialities in/of artistic works? How can digital reality highlight invisible territories and contribute to a decolonial discussion? “The program we conceived, in addition to dialoguing with these increasingly fundamental questions, wants to point out horizons of possibilities not only for residencies, but for the processes of promotion, production and enjoyment of contemporary art”, says Bel Gurgel, creator of the Institute of Contemporary Art of Ouro Preto.

At the end of the Emergency Artist Residency Program - iai, a virtual collective exhibition will be held and the production of didactic material for public schools in the municipality of Ouro Preto.

Photo by Germano Neto. Courtesy Ouro Preto Contemporary Art Institute (ia)

The Institute

Founded in 2016, O ia is a non-profit cultural organization that seeks to foster artistic expressions in the communities of Ouro Preto, Mariana and the region, especially extolling productions linked to the African diaspora and the genesis of nationality. Through research and cultural projects, it seeks to build a dialogue between local (inconfidentes region) and global (state, national and international) artistic knowledge and practices, and to promote an understanding of the contemporary landscape, generating recognition and historical-cultural belonging through of art.

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