EAV Park Lage
Aerial photo of Parque Lage. Photo: Felipe Azevedo

The Manifesto of Pau-Brasil Poetry,by Oswald de Andrade, is the starting point for a new residence in Rio de Janeiro. In 1924, the modernist poet called us to learn what the forest and the school have to teach. In 2022, the Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage will select two pairs – formed by an art critic and an artist – to carry out a collaborative period of experiences in the Tijuca National Forest. Each team to win the scholarship will receive the equivalent of R$ 20 thousand (twenty thousand reais) to defray their daily expenses for research, production of texts, photos and videos and total maintenance of the project.

Oswald’s signage, combined with the location of EAV – Parque Lage, part of the Tijuca National Forest, the world’s largest urban forest – leads the institution to hold two editions of the Residências na Floresta Program this year, one each semester. Thus, “integrating reflections on Modernity in Brazilian art, with strong attention to blurring the boundaries of nature and culture”, highlights the public notice.

Each resident duo will have to develop a project with practical and theoretical consequences, having the forest in its aesthetic, ethical, poetic and ancestral dimensions as a point of investigation. Monthly, those selected must present a critical report, in text and images – static or video –, which will be made available on EAV Parque Lage's digital channels. Subsequently, there will be a public presentation, in a seminar, of the elaborations developed in the project. Seeking above all to promote a broad research process, the public notice does not require the completion of a work at the end of the residency period.

Tijuca Forest, where the EAV Parque Lage Forest Residencies will be held. Photo: Alice Loureiro
Tijuca Forest, where the EAV Parque Lage Forest Residencies will be held. Photo: Alice Loureiro

To apply, each team must have a critic and an artist, both naturalized Brazilians or born in the country, and be available for an artist residency period of three months. Unpublished and relevant projects for the expanded and integrated understanding of nature and culture will be considered in the selection.

“We want to radically welcome innovative, inventive and provocative proposals that can make the school community, its artists, students, teachers, visitors and other professionals from interdisciplinary areas understand ecology as a discipline to be expanded and torn apart - above all by combining an intersection of references, disciplines and indisciplines that can contribute so that we can 'postpone the end of the world'”, highlights the public notice, rescuing the ideas of Ailton Krenak.

Applications are open until April 20th and must be made on the EAV website, including updated curricula, portfolios, single project co-authorship, and project advocacy. Check more details accessing the notice (click here). The announcement of the selected candidates is scheduled for April 28.

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