“Dollhouse Gallery”, 2020, by Ilê Sartuzi. Photo: Reproduction of www.dollhouse.gallery

Un of the most important visual arts awards in the country, organized by the PIPA Institute since 2010, the PIPA Award announced the five winners of the 2021 edition: Castiel Vitorino, Denilson Baniwa, Ile Sartuzi, Marcela Bonfim and Ventura Profana. According to the result's disclosure text, “the selected artists show how plural Brazilian artistic production is, mixing heterogeneous languages ​​and knowledge and developing in the country as a whole”.

In this edition, which had its regulations changed, the five artists receive a prize of R$10 – without having to donate a work to the institute, as in other years – and participate in an exhibition that takes place in the online environment between 13 September and October 16th. The artists will perform a virtual occupation on the PIPA website and social networks and on the Preview (of which the critic and curator Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro is one of the founders), with exclusive content.

In person, between September 9 and November 20, PIPA also holds an exhibition of the four winners of the 2020 edition – Gê Viana, Maxwell Alexandre, Randolpho Lamonier and Renata Felinto – at Paço Imperial (Rio de Janeiro). ANDIn another gallery in the space, the five selected artists for 2021 will be presented, in addition to works commissioned and acquired in recent years by the Institute. Still this year, PIPA Online, carried out by popular vote, will award two artists with the value of R$ 5 thousand each. 

About the five winners this year, PIPA highlights that: “After 11 years of awarding the best-known artists in the national art circuit, we decided that in 2021 the nominated artists should have a maximum of 10 years of experience”. The winners, born between the 1980s and 1990s, are from different regions and work with different languages ​​and media. His works can be better known in the PIPA website or in articles published by arte!brasileiros and linked to the artists' names in the opening paragraph of this text.

The winners of previous PIPA editions were: 2020 – Gê Viana, Maxwell Alexander, Randolpho Lamonier and Renata Felinto; 2019 - Warrior of Divine Love; 2018 – Arjan Martins; 2017 – Barbara Wagner; 2016 – Paulo Nazareth; 2015 – Virginia de Medeiros; 2014 – Alice Miceli; 2013 – Cadu; 2012 – Marcius Galan; 2011 – Tatiana Blass; 2010 – Renata Lucas.

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