PIPA Online Award
"Monalisa Indígena", by Denilson Baniwa, last winner of the PIPA Online Award. Photo: Disclosure.

O PIPA Online Award started its first round of voting last Sunday, July 26th. PIPA Online is the award category that takes place entirely on the internet, and the only one in which all artists of the current edition can participate. This year, 56 of the 67 artists are part of the vote. PIPA Online takes place in two shifts: the first runs until August 2nd. Artists who win more than 500 votes in this first stage will be classified for the next and last stage, which runs from August 16th to August 23rd – votes are reset to zero at the transition of the rounds. The winner will receive R$ 15.000,00 and must donate a work to the PIPA Institute, to be chosen between the artist and the institute's coordination. Last year, Denilson Baniwa (cover of issue #50 de arte!brasileiros) was the winner of PIPA Online. Learn how to vote on this link.

Check the PIPA Online schedule below:

July 26 – Start of the 1st round of PIPA Online

August 2 – End of the 1st round of PIPA Online

August 16 – Start of the 2nd round of PIPA Online

August 23 – End of the 2st round of PIPA Online

August 24 – Announcement of the winner of PIPA Online

main prize

As for the institute's main prize, the four finalists were announced: Gê Viana; Maxwell Alexander; Randolpho Lamonier; and Renata Felinto. For this modality, the finalists each receive R$ 30 thousand reais and also donate a work to the PIPA Institute, following which the big winner receives another R$ 30 thousand for the development of a project.

Maxwell Alexandre, Presente, 2017. Photo: Disclosure.

The process of choosing the nominees and winners goes through different stages and juries: the Council – with the representatives of the award Roberto Vinhaes (founding partner of Instituto PIPA) Lucrécia Vinhaes (coordinator of Instituto PIPA) and Luiz Camillo Osorio (director of the Department of Philosophy at PUC-Rio and curator of Instituto PIPA). Os guests Kiki Mazzucchelli (independent curator), Marcelo Mattos Araujo (President Japan House, São Paulo), Moacir dos Anjos (Coordinator of Plastic Arts at the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation), Luís Antônio Almeida Braga (collector) and Thaddeus Chiarelli (Director of the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo from 2015 to 2017 and professor of the Visual Arts course at USP). THE Nomination Committee, with 30 critics, artists and curators, and the Award Jury, not yet announced.

For now, the progress of this award category is being studied, since previous schedule dates had to be changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic; for now, the new dates have not yet been defined. Among the activities suspended by the pandemic is the opening of the PIPA 2020 Exhibition at Paço Imperial, in Rio de Janeiro, which is part of the winner selection process.

According to its official website, the award's mission is: “To disseminate Brazilian art and artists; to stimulate the national production of contemporary art, motivating and supporting new Brazilian artists (not necessarily young); in addition to serving as an alternative model for the third sector”. From 2010 onwards, the winners were, respectively, Renata Lucas, Tatiana Blass, Marcius Galan, Cadu, Alice Miceli, Virginia de Medeiros, Paulo Nazareth, Barbara Wagner, Arjan Martins and Warrior of Divine Love.

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