The artist Isael Maxakali. Photo: Disclosure

AAfter 16 days of voting and the counting of 33.038 votes, distributed among the 56 participants in the category, PIPA Online announced Isael Maxakali as the winner of its 2020 edition. The artist, resident of Aldeia Hãm Kutok, in Minas Gerais, received 4.191 votes and will be awarded with a donation of R$ 15 thousand. He must donate a work to the PIPA Institute, to be defined in common agreement between the artist and the coordination.

“My name is Isael Maxakali, I live in the village of Hám Kutok, in the municipality of Ladainha – MG. I've made many movies for people everywhere to watch and know that we, the Tikmū'ūn, exist. I also really like to make drawings of animals, fish, yãm spiritsĩyxop and other stuff too. I think that with my work I grow and strengthen the Tikmū'ūn. If I get known, they are too. If I win a prize, they win too!”, says the artist's presentation text on the PIPA website.

Watch here the video that talks a little more about the work of Isael Maxakali:

This is the third time that the PIPA online category has awarded an artist of indigenous origin and, according to the official text, “it fulfills the objective of giving visibility to artists who are less present in the Rio-São Paulo axis”. Also according to PIPA, “it is important that artists who are not yet represented by galleries can be recognized by PIPA Online. On the website, all voters have equal access to the work of all artists, through pages that present the works and trajectory of each one”.

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