Ai-5 50 YEARS OLD: not finished yet, 588 Pages, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, R$ 100 - Photos: Coil Lopes

"Itwhoever says / your future will be the mirror of that greatness is wrong”. The verses of the poem, dated 1976, by Anna Maria Maiolino that opens the book AI-5 50 years: not finished yet function as an epigraph not only for the publication, but also for the situation in which Brazil finds itself today. For Paulo Miyada, organizer of the book and curator of exposure that gave rise to it, “what we live now is a burning aftermath of how deep was the damage left by the years of the military regime, aggravated by the precarious character of democratic institutions that have not been as revised and strengthened in the last three decades as they would have been. required".

The excerpt is present in the article It didn't finish, which is part of the book and was originally published on the arte!brasileiros in November 2018, under the subtitle Gaps in Brazilian memory and the extension of the AI-5.

At this juncture, bringing together the material from one of the most important exhibitions of recent years in a book is a way of not allowing gaps to exist, recording memory in a physical way, with the collaboration of more than 80 artists and authors in 600 pages of articles. , texts about artists, facsimiles, images, among others. Made in a collaborative way, through donations, the collection of the necessary means for the production and printing of the publication was successful. This shows that many people are not willing to forget.

*In 2020, the book received the Jabuti Award for best essay in the category Arts.

AI-5 50 YEARS: not finished yet
Tomie Ohtake Institute 
R$ 60,00


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