The OLHÃO space is a different place within the São Paulo art scene. Located in Barra Funda in an old Portuguese house, now transformed into a modernist example, it brings together a group of artists around the show Beef. The humorous title is for the curators a “foreignness”, neither Portuguese nor French. Moved by humour, criticism and formal lightness without excessive works, the exhibition is curated by Leandro Muniz and Cléo Döbberthin, owner of the property. The space is an experimental territory with a gallery, artists' residence, a place for socializing and studies. Cléo had already done the show last year United of Barra Funda, in the unrenovated building.

The choice of the members of Bifê, according to Muniz, was based on artists they kept in touch with and followed their work. “We also invited authors whose works generated relationships with other fields: construction, furniture, research, studio practice and similar resources.” The works occupy, in addition to the exhibition space, garden, kitchen, bathroom and slab, with objects, sculptures, paintings, performance. installations and sound work. Bifê is an experimental event with names active in the market and others not so well known. The collective talks with the space and it is impossible to deny the influence of architecture on the works.

The exhibition runs until 12/10 with scheduled visits.

Steak Exhibition
OLHÃO Space: Rua Barra Funda, 288.
Visit by appointment:

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