ARTE!Brasileiros interviewed Francine Sagawa, programming technician at Sesc Pinheiros, about the exhibition that brings together artists such as Abraham Palatnik, Lygia Clark, Andrzej Pawlowski, Carlos Cruz-Díez and Hélio Oiticica.

The Trans-Atlantic Other: Optical and Kinetic Art in Eastern Europe and Latin America Between the 50s and 70s was organized by the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (Poland) in 2017 and was exhibited at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow (Russia). It is now exhibited at Sesc Pinheiros, until October 28, with free admission.

In São Paulo, the show is composed of works originally shown in Warsaw and
Moscow, but also features works by Latin American artists, curated by Marta Dziewańska, Dieter Roelstraete and Abigail Winograd.


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