The exhibition “We Cannot Respond to Everyone”, at Sesc Consolação, is an invitation to take a trip to the punk rock scene of the 80s and 90s. A set of objects such as K7s tapes, vinyls, concert posters, interviews, and photographs recalls the times when communication between bands, labels and fans took place through letters and fanzines.

The show's name refers to a phrase said by a musician at the time, who claimed to be unable to respond to all the letters his band received from fans. In the space, the public can even check correspondence sent from other countries to some Brazilian bands that stood out.

The objects are part of the collection of the curator, Alexandre Cruz Sesper, and other collectors who lived through the movement. The exhibition has a series of parallel activities, including musical interventions, conversations and workshops. 'We are unable to respond to everyone' allows for a meeting of generations, which – according to Sesc – affirms the institution's commitment to the preservation of memory and collective knowledge”.

Visual artist and musician, the curator sought to punctuate the DIY culture, used especially in the production of promotional materials for bands, which had little budget and few means to expand their creations. With that, everything was transformed into something handmade and even with a lot of affective value when building their own contents and their own aesthetics.

A movement full of attitude and demands, punk rock was especially political, loaded with ideologies that also appear in the exhibition, with emphasis on veganism, struggles for LGBT rights, the defense of animal rights and the defense of the environment.

Visit the exhibition until March 5th and check it out at Sesc website integrated programming.

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