Aafter attempts to create an art fair in Belo Horizonte, Parte Produções Culturais brought a recipe that pleased and gave satisfactory results. First joining the galleries that make up the 10 Contemporâneo circuit, already well established in the arts scene in Minas Gerais, they created ArteBH.

Between May 2nd and 5th of this year, the fair brought together the main galleries from Minas Gerais and also housed shelves from galleries from other states. Very well received by the public, ArteBH took place at Minas Tênis Clube, a space that pleased the participating gallery owners and should be maintained in the second edition of the fair.

There were a total of 16 participating galleries, including Celma Albuquerque, AM Galeria, Cícero Mafra, Orlando Lemos, Beatriz Abi-Acl, Murilo Castro, Lemos de Sá, dotArt and Manoel Macedo de Minas Gerais; Folio, Tato, Chroma, AR, Papel Assinado and Hilda Araújo from São Paulo and TV Cultura e Arte from Salvador. Betting on the variety, both of artists and of the values ​​of the works, the galleries had prices that varied from 350 reais to millionaire works.

According to Tamara Perlman, one of the directors of the production company Parte, the fair's performance was very positive for the organization. “We received 4000 visitors. This number was rated good or great by all galleries,” she comments. Also according to the director, sales varied a lot. For most galleries based in Minas Gerais, the results were satisfactory. Meanwhile, galleries in other states had difficulty selling, a common effect in first editions of fairs outside the Rio-São Paulo axis.

For Murilo Castro, director of the homonymous gallery in Belo Horizonte, “the most important thing, even more than the sales made, was being able to build relationships”. This factor is also pointed out by Tamara in her balance sheet about the event, the after-sales perspective was expressive.

The surprise was more on account of the diversity of visitors. “90% of the public that goes to the gallery here is an audience of architects who make purchases for their clients, to add to the project. It is not essentially a collectors audience”, says gallery owner Orlando Lemos. However, the fair attracted visitors whose interest was rated by gallerists at almost 89%. “We managed to achieve a very interesting balance between collectors, interested parties more broadly, artists, academics and authorities”, points out Tamara.

For 2019, ArteBH should only change the month in which it will take place. According to Perlman, it should take place between June 6th and 9th, 2019, giving time for gallery owners who also participate in sp-art to organize themselves better.


A journalist Jamyle Rkain traveled at the invitation of the fair's organization.

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