nazareth pacheco and marcia pastore
Marcia Pastore, Counterweight, 2011/2012

Márcia Pastore and Nazareth Pacheco join the group of artists represented by Emmathomas Galeria. The choice of artists is in accordance with the gallery's proposal, which seeks to present the diversity of Brazilian art to the public. The idea is to capture the essence of several artists, in different regions of the country and also abroad.

The art of Marcia Pastore and Nazareth Pacheco

“Both are artists from the same generation, but with different strands. They bring the typical multidisciplinarity of what contemporary art is”, says Ricardo Resende, artistic director of Emmathomas.

While Marcia Pastore is dedicated to exploring the relationship between space and sculpture, Nazareth Pacheco transits especially through the three-dimensional field.

Pastore experiences various situations of duplication of her own image and the universe in which she is inserted, bringing sculptures and installations as unfoldings. Pacheco, in turn, works on sculptures and installations that explore autobiographical issues and the female body.

The Emmathomas Gallery

Founded in 2006, the Emma Thomas gallery was born as an experimental and alternative space, focused on contemporary art. In its first decade, more than 200 artists and projects passed through the gallery, which conquered the position among the most daring in the Brazilian scene.

In August 2017, artist, collector and entrepreneur Marcos Amaro bought it and renamed it Emmathomas. As the owner of the gallery, Marcos adds his experience as a visionary and successful entrepreneur to his artistic sensibility. The new direction seeks to establish affective and creative bonds between people.

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