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Organized by Pedro Paulo Pimenta, professor in the Philosophy department at FFLCH-USP, the volume under the title Writings on politics and the arts It is divided into five parts and brings together, in addition to the texts of the Swiss philosopher forerunner of Enlightenment ideas, notes from translators and researchers. Among the themes of the texts are inequality between men, language and the illustrious social contract, among others. The highlight, however, is “Discourse on the Sciences and the Arts”, which caused great controversy between 1751 and 1752, culminating in discussions that permeated the pages of Mercure de France, a famous French literary magazine, at that time directed by Thomas Raynal .

This issue is revealed in a critical text by Franklin de Mattos, a professor in the same department as Pimenta. Another version of the Lights unravels the thought in Rousseau's responses to critics (the "bad polemicists", as they were called by the Enlightenment) of the Speech. The answers are also published in the volume, which is edited by Ubu and co-editing of UnB. Mattos' writing also makes a binding analysis that places the Speech in dialogue with other texts present in the book, Discourse on the origin and foundations of inequality among men e On the social contract or Principles of political law.

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