The third edition of the Unesp Book Fair is being held virtually, in view of the impossibility of carrying out in person during the Covid-19. The event runs until April 11, 2021, Sunday, at 23:59 pm. Books sold at the fair offer at least a 50% discount. Despite the setback of not being able to take place in person, the fair's digital format helps to increase its reach and also access to the works being sold. But what to enjoy at the fair? To help our reader with this choice, arte!brasileiros asked the publishers Autêntica, Cobogó and Ubu which editions are a must for anyone who enjoys art, culture, philosophy and the study of critical thinking as a whole.

In the field of art books, the biography by the great modernist painter Alberto da Veiga Guignard is one of Autêntica's tips. Also from the publisher, The impossible realism, by André Bazin, recalls that, when we discuss cinema, “we must always talk about reality effects, rather than reproduction of the real“. Speaking in real, Slavoj Žižek interrogates him in the publication described by Christian Dunker as a pocket guide to start your journey through the thought of the Slovenian philosopher. Dunker, by the way, is one of the organizers – along with Cláudia Perrone, Gilson Iannini, Miriam Debieux Rosa, Rose Gurski – of the collective work Confined Dreams: What Brazilians dream of in times of a pandemic, an ontology of the present time based on dreams.

“Reading this book is an immersion in the author's thinking and there's no way out of it unscathed. His writing hurts, burns and throws us into a whirlwind of thoughts and sensations,” he wrote. Eugenio Lima about the book Black Skin, White Masks by Frantz Fanon, for the arte!brasileiros #53. Launched by Ubu last year, it is one of the works that the publisher recommends to enjoy at the fair. Another editor's choice is The invention of culture, where Roy Wagner radicalizes the reflection on the controversial concept of culture, based on the idea of ​​invention. Following in the head chat, Big Tech – The Rise of Data and the Death of Politics, by Eugeny Morozov, is essential to (trying to) understand surveillance capitalism; for those who liked the article Will robots be the artists of the future? – published in the latest issue of arte!brasileiros - Big Tech will delve into some of the issues briefly addressed in the text.

Yes, Workspaces for Latin American Artists, by Editora Cobogó, allows the reader to travel mentally and visit 27 different studios without leaving isolation. Memories of the Plantation, an important work by Grada Kilomba, can also be found at the book fair. The work is a compilation of everyday episodes of racism, written in the form of short psychoanalytic stories. “From the politics of space and exclusion to the politics of the body and hair, passing through racial insults, Grada Kilomba incisively dismantles the normality of racism, exposing the violence and trauma of being placed as a other“. recently released, In the tremor of the world – essays and interviews in light of the pandemic, organizes a multidisciplinary reflection on the present moment of the pandemic, while also addressing the thought produced by the tragedy.

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