The work "Sun & Sea". PHOTO: Andrej Vasilenko

In a Venice Biennale marked by unprecedented gender parity, with a similar number of male and female artists in the main show, the Lithuanian pavilion won the Golden Lion by presenting a great work – a mix of opera, installation and performance – created by the artists Lina Lapelyte, Vaiva Grainyte and Rugile Barzdziukaite.

Entitled Sun & Sea, the work transformed the pavilion located in the Military Marina, outside the traditional venue of the biennial and the most usual routes, into an artificial beach, in a critique of current forms of leisure and the pressure exerted on the environment. While the jury highlighted “the inventive use of the site”, the artists explained that the work draws a parallel between the fragility of the human body and that of planet earth.

At the award ceremony held on Saturday, a special mention was also given to the Belgian pavilion, for providing in its exhibition “an alternative view of little-recognized aspects of social relations in Europe” and the Golden Lion for best participation in the main show to the artist. American Arthur Jaffa. with the movie The White Album, the artist raises questions about racism and prejudice in an unexpected way.

See photos of the Lithuanian pavilion and the winning artists here:


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