The four segments of the show Lasar Segall: essay on color bring to the public a variety of works that demonstrate the artist's phases based on the use of color. At Sesc 24 de Maio, until March 5, 2019, the exhibition also features a video biography of the painter. It is a partnership between Sesc and the Lasar Segall Museum.

Focusing on the various forms of expression of his time (1891-1957), he went from expressionism to modernism, leaving a vast collection, curated by Maria Alice Milliet for the exhibition at Sesc. There are almost 100 works “grouped according to the color scheme” that change according to Segall's life and the phases of his work, explains the curator.

The exhibition also includes works by artists contemporary to Segall, such as Milton Dacosta and Anita Malfatti, showing that there was a group of artists who were talking to each other.

Watch the report made by ARTE!Brasileiros about the explosion.



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