Ailton Krenak, who participated in the first conversation. Photo: Garapa - Multimedia Collective

A Starting this Tuesday, the 14th, the online seminar “Conversations on Questions” brings together important names from different areas of knowledge to discuss questions such as: What are the meanings of this moment for humanity? What will such an experience transform in us and in the world? How to elaborate and put into practice the necessary changes to the new times?

Participating in the free meetings, held weekly – always on Tuesdays at 17 pm – indigenous leader Ailton Krenak (14/7), futurist Lala Deheinzelin (21/7), economist Eduardo Albuquerque and administrator Grazi Mendes (28/7) , the psychoanalyst Christian Dunker (4/8), the writer Conceição Evaristo and the curator and art critic Júlia Rebouças (11/8).

The “webinar”, as it was called, is a co-organization of the Fiat House of Culture, the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center (CCBB), the Minas Gerais Vale Memorial and the MM Gerdau – Museum of Mines and Metal. The event, according to the presentation text, proposes to deepen the debate about the future, in a post-coronavirus world, by stimulating multidisciplinary dialogues, “able to intertwine theories and ideas of philosophy to psychoanalysis, from science to art, from economics to spirituality.

"It is a format conducive to the global eagerness to ask fundamental questions about life, time, relationships, etc. – and that, since the arrival of the coronavirus, have instigated citizens, intellectuals, governments and scientists from all over the planet. The situation, after all, shook the foundations of social and economic coexistence, to the point that humanity witnessed the collapse of everyday life and the world as we know it”, concludes the text.

Service: “Questions Conversations” Webinar:

July 14th – Indigenous leader Ailton Krenak – YouTube of Casa Fiat de Cultura
July 21st – Futurist Lala Deheizelin – Youtube by MM Gerdau
July 28 – Economics professors Eduardo Albuquerque and Grazi Mendes – YouTube MM Gerdau
August 4th – Psychoanalyst Christian Dunker – Youtube of the Minas Gerais Vale Memorial
August 11 – Writer Conceição Evaristo and art critic Júlia Rebouças – YouTube Memorial Minas Gerais Vale
August 18th – (speaker to be confirmed) – YouTube of Casa Fiat de Cultura

More information on the social networks of the four cultural spaces.

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