The MAR, in Praça Mauá, Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Disclosure

In the midst of a serious financial and political crisis involving the Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR) – along with so many other cultural institutions in the city and the country – the City Hall of Rio transferred the amount of R$ 451 to the Rio de Janeiro museum. , guaranteeing its operation at least until the end of this year.

The money deposited to MAR also guarantees the end of the prior notice given to employees in November. According to the information disclosed, the agenda now is the payment of the R$ 1,5 million that is still overdue and the renewal of the Odeon Institute's concession contract for another year.

For 2020, the agency already has a series of activities planned, as the critic and curator Paulo Herkenhoff explained in a statement to ARTE!Brasileiros (read here). Private sponsorships and support for the coming year – Instituto Itaú Cultural, for example, in addition to lending the work “Spider”, by Louise Bourgeois, will contribute BRL 500 for the opening of the exhibition – still do not cover the cost of funding. , which have to be guaranteed by the City Hall.

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