“Superdivine Cosmogonia”, 2018, Fragment of the poster “Expanded Metropolitan Supercomplex”, by Guerreiro do Divino Amor. Photo: Disclosure

The Pipa Prize announced this Friday the winner of the 2019 edition. Guerreiro do Divino Amor (born in Geneva and living in Rio de Janeiro) draws attention for his extreme irreverence, going straight to some of the crucial issues of Brazilian society today: the relentless advance of neo-Pentecostal churches and their mass communication networks, the transformation of large Brazilian cities into scenarios of war between the absurdly rich and the absurdly poor, and other burning issues.

But if it were only the themes of his productions that drew attention, Warrior of Divine Love would be just another of the young local artists surfing the interest in “activism” – amazing! – apple of the eye of the market and of cool collectors. The artist is more than what could be called “politically correct” (in fact, his production is not defined in this way at all). Guerreiro emerges as an artist who uses technology to his advantage (and not the other way around, as is usually the case here), through videos that, by appropriating the most hilarious clichés of our mass society, produce works that highlight through debauchery. the dystopia we live in today, forcing us to think and think about and within it.

Point for the Pipa Prize, which decided to bet on a talent that makes irreverence and full mastery of the means it uses to produce its works its great weapons. From now on, we wait to see if Guerreiro do Divino Amor will continue to have the breath to continue undoing the chorus of the happy visual arts, or if he will be properly trained by the circuit.

Chosen by the jury formed by Luiz Camillo Osorio, Tadeu Chiarelli, Jessica Gogan, Raphael Fonseca and Regina Silveira, the artist will be entitled to an additional donation of R$ 30 thousand to develop a project of his choice. The four finalists – Berna Reale, Cabelo, Guerreiro do Divino Amor and Jaime Lauriano – had already received R$ 30 thousand each (with the counterpart of donating a work to Pipa).

The winning artist's project was presented in a letter to the Prize Jury. Guerreiro do Divino Amor’s idea is to use the donation to develop another work in the “Superficções” series, presented at the PIPA Prize finalists’ exhibition, at Villa Aymoré. As already announced at the end of July, the winner of the Online category of the Pipa Award 2019 was given to the artist Denilson Baniwa. Read more here.


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