The Marcos Amaro Art Factory. Photo: Disclosure

With the museum's doors open in Itu and a new installation at FAMA Campo (in Mairinque), the Marcos Amaro Art Factory ends February with a resumption of its activities. From the 24th of this month, those who visit Itu can enjoy Tarsila – Studies and Notes, an exhibition by the modernist artist that brings together rare drawings, sketches and studies kept from public view for more than five decades (read Tadeu Chiarelli's column about the exhibition) and the collective Ontologies. In the show, Marcos Amaro, Cabral and Kandro investigate questions about existence (watch our video about the exhibitions on display).

The reopening of the physical space of the FAMA Museum, in Itu, follows guidelines from the prefecture, in addition to categorical measures of protection, health and hygiene established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Brazilian Public Health bodies.

FAMA Campo, in turn, presents an unprecedented installation by Carlito Carvalhosa, but remains closed for in-person visits. Comprising a fence over 8 meters high, with a wire located about 2,5 meters from the ground, the work Property Area occupies 195 meters of the open-air museum and questions the relationship between the image and the function of what surrounds us. To understand it, watch the virtual tour in the video below:

The work visually divides the museum space, but does not block the passage, allowing people and animals to pass through the fence. In this way, it seeks to make visible what goes unnoticed to everyday eyes and question the relationship between the image and the function of what surrounds us. It was during a trip through the swampland of Mato Grosso that the artist came across the first provocations that generated the work. In the midst of the immense areas of flooding without any fence to delimit them, Carlito Carvalhosa noticed how used we are to see the field defined by the fences that divide pastures, properties and areas in general. He later developed this facility site specific, made especially for the FAMA Campo space.

Reopening of the FAMA Museum – Marcos Amaro Art Factory
February 24, Wednesday, from 11 am
Address: Rua Padre Bartolomeu Tadeu, 09 – Vila São Francisco – Itu/SP
Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 17 pm
Free admission

Exhibition Studies and Notes, by Tarsila do Amaral
Whole BRL 10,00
Students/teachers/educators BRL 5,00 (proof document required)
Residents in Itu BRL 5,00

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