Lívia Conduru, Keyna Eleison and Vânia Leal, from CCBA, Leise Duarte - coordinator of strategic projects and events at Shell and Gabriel Gutierrez, coordinator of the Vale Cultural Institute. Photo: Luiza Lorenzetti

Located on the corner of Rua Manoel Barata and Travessa Campos Sales, in the commercial center of Belém (PA), the Centro Cultural Bienal das Amazônias (CCBA), opened on May 15th, appears as a point of convergence for various artistic manifestations and cultural aspects that express the diversity and symbolism of the Pan-Amazon and the Legal Amazon. 

The space opens six months after the end of the first edition of the Bienal das Amazônias, which also took place in Belém on August 3 and November 5, 2023. “The Centro Cultural Bienal das Amazônias connects with the first edition of the Bienal of the Amazons at a time when our proposition is to establish a link between this territory that is very vast, which is related to a biome, but which is made up of different ways of understanding life and how we interact with this territory” he explains Lívia Conduru, president of the Bienal das Amazônias and CCBA. 

Keyna Eleison and Vânia Leal, curators of the Bienal das Amazônias, are also part of the cultural center's team as directors of research and content and special projects, respectively. “This is another space with a desire to think, to imagine collectively, to think about processes, to receive and send research, people, artists, researchers, teachers, not only in the area of ​​culture, but mainly in the area of ​​culture”, he states Keyna. 

On the first floor of the 8 thousand square meter building, the public is welcomed with a set of hammocks, air conditioning and bathrooms. For Lívia, this reception is already in some way part of the pedagogy of experience and inclusion that the team has sought: “So that whoever is passing by at lunch time, comes in to use the bathroom, the hammock, and wants to see what is happening". 

The CCBA's debut features the exhibition “RGB: The Colors of the Century”, which celebrates the centenary of Venezuelan Carlos Cruz-Diez, on display for the first time in Pará. Ana Clara, research coordinator for the exhibition, comments: “In this installation, in particular, we tried to highlight the cultural geographic roots of the thought of this outstanding artist who established himself as a great master of kinetic art and the last great thinker of color”.

On the second floor, Paula Sampaio's photographic installation occupies the space with photographs and interviews with residents of the main historical sites in Belém, located in the Cidade Velha neighborhood, crossing the Ver-o-Peso Complex and the Campina/Comércio neighborhoods. “The curatorial focus was designed to dialogue with the building where the CCBA is located, in the heart of Belém's commerce. This exhibition has a dialogue that goes through the surroundings of this place, the passersby of this place and, mainly, the history and memory of the people”, points out Vânia Leal, project curator. 

The CCBA is prepared to welcome the public with a complete infrastructure, including a cafe, store, library and accessibility. The new cultural center promises to be a space for exchanging and valuing Amazonian culture, bringing new life to Belém's artistic scene.

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