"Myxomatosis", Solon Ribeiro. Photo: Disclosure.

A curator Rosely Nakagawa Matuck [1] comments on the video “Myxomatosis” (2008), by the artist from Ceará, Solon Ribeiro (Crato-CE, 1956) [2], shown at the 19th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil (São Paulo, 2015). At work, some film frames are projected on the premises of a slaughterhouse; together with the artist's action, exposed viscera, blood and flesh alter the dynamics of the space, causing a clash between contexts. “These frames that he projects on the stage of a slaughterhouse begin to acquire a critical tone, mainly because he receives images projected from movie actresses, a connection with the film industry, this industrialized world that is grinding people, characters and ideas”, comments the curator.

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About the Commented Collection:

Videobrasil Commented Collection is a partnership between arte!brasileiros and Associação Cultural Videobrasil. Every 15 days we publish, on our platform and in our social networks, a part of its important collection of works, gathered in more than 30 years of trajectory.

This project contributes to “rediscovering and relating works from the Videobrasil collection, and thematic aspects, in the voice of critics, curators and thinkers, illuminating urgent contemporary issues”, says Farkas.


A institution was created in 1991 by Solange Farkas, the result of the desire to host a growing collection of works and publications, which has been gathered since the first edition of the Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil (still Videobrasil Festival, in 1983). Since its creation, the association has worked systematically to activate this collection, which brings together works from the so-called geopolitical South of the world – Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East –, especially video art classics, own productions and a vast collection. of art publications.

[1]Rosely Nakagawa Matuck is an independent curator, graduated in Architecture from FAU/USP with a specialization in Museology from the same university. As an independent curator, she organizes exhibitions and editions of books by Brazilian and foreign photographers, working in several Brazilian states, especially in the North and Northeast, as well as abroad. In 1970 she created the first photography gallery in São Paulo, Galeria FOTOPTICA, alongside Thomaz Farkas. She coordinated the Casa da Fotografia FUJI Brasil and was the curator of Fnac galleries. She has collaborated with several Image and Photography Festivals, such as Bienal Videobrasil, Fotoempauta, Solar Festival Internacional, Diario Contemporâneo Award, among others.
[2] Solon Ribeiro is an artist, curator and professor, graduated in art and communication with a specialization in photography from L'École Superieure des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, in 1991. He works in the investigation of intersections between photography, cinema, scenography, installation and the performance. Through the recontextualization of cinematographic images and photograms from narrative montages, the artist problematizes the status of the archive in order to dismantle its intimate relationship with the past. In order to free the image to new forms and meanings, he seeks to explore its magical and metaphysical aspects.

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