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Photography, despite the heralds of the apocalypse having decreed its extinction with the arrival of smartphones and its probable banalization, remains more powerful than ever.

First, because, in addition to photographers, contemporary artists took hold of it as a tool and as a support to develop several of their works.

Second, because institutions started to value memory and documentation, and there, photography, has an irreplaceable role. Third, because the number of galleries that put photography on the market grew. And, finally, with the downsizing of print media in the area of ​​perishable news and its migration to digital platforms, publishers turned to publishing less ephemeral products, with high quality texts, photographic images and illustrations.

Even if we discarded half of what is produced with the growing and massive access to the capture and distribution of photographs, we would have today the opportunity to obtain unpublished images and others that move us just by remembering a delicious day in the company of friends.

August and September have been the months chosen for the opening of important fairs and exhibitions in the field of photography. At the Museum of Photography, in Fortaleza, in September, an exhibition by the renowned American photographer, who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, Roger Ballen, opens. In Salvador, Caixa Cultural opened an exhibition by the Brazilian Christian Cravo, grandson of the beloved multi-artist Mário Cravo Júnior, who recently passed away.

In Rio de Janeiro, in response to the systematic attack that culture has been experiencing, the FOTORio collective/movement maintains a series of activities in various institutions and private galleries.

In São Paulo, photographic exhibitions take place: the artist from Pará Berna Reale at the Nara Roesler gallery, the Catalan artist Jordi Burch at the Janaina Torres gallery and Alberto Ferreira at the Lume gallery.

Geraldo de Barros by Bob Wolfenson
Hermeto Pascoal by Bob Wolfenson

the brazilian photographer Bob Wolfenson gets a great retrospective, Portraits, at the Porto Seguro Cultural Space – ECPS, Irving penn one of the masters of international photography is honored at the Instituto Moreira Salles – IMS, with the exhibition Centenary, from the 21st of August and German Lorca: Mosaic of Time until November 4 at Instituto Cultural Itaú

Read at www.artebrasileiros/foto several materials from our special booklet

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