ARCA facade, in Vila Leopoldina. Photo: Publicity / Ark

A 17th edition of SP-Arte, the largest art fair in the country, takes place this year between the 20th and 24th of October, in São Paulo. After a series of editions in the Ibirapuera pavilion and only one in a virtual environment, in 2020, the fair brings together 128 exhibitors at ARCA, in the São Paulo neighborhood of Vila Leopoldina. SP-Arte 2021 also takes place in the online universe, adopting a hybrid format this year.

Among the art galleries, the fair brings together established Brazilian houses such as Millan (SP), Luisa Strina (SP), Bergamin & Gomide (SP), Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel (SP-Rio), Silvia Cintra + Box 4 ( RJ) Almeida & Dale (SP), Dan Galeria (SP), Pinakotheke (SP), Mendes Wood DM (São Paulo-NY-Brussels), Nara Roesler (São Paulo-NY-Rio de Janeiro), Jaqueline Martins (São Paulo) -Brussels), Karla Osorio (Brasilia) and Paulo Darzé (Salvador). Among the newcomers are young galleries such as Quadra (RJ), HOA (SP) and Projeto Vênus (SP), focusing on emerging artists and renewed artistic practices. 

International names are also present, including Galleria Continua (Brazil, Italy, China, Canada, Cuba and France), Galeria de las Misiones (Uruguay), Opera Gallery (USA), Piero Atchugarry Gallery (USA), Marian Goodman Gallery (USA). , France and England), Patricia Ready Art Gallery (Chile) and Galería SUR (Uruguay).

In the space attached to ARCA, STATE, the publishers Cobogó, Ubu, Familia Editions, Ikrek and Taschen, BEI, ArtNexus, Desapê, Edições SESC, Fotô Editorial and Olhares will be present with artist books and specialized publications. This edition's Viewing Room also includes seven design stores: ETEL, Artemobilia Galeria, Jacqueline Terpins, Mobília Tempo, Passado Composto Século XX, Sandra & Marcio and Hugo França.

ARK internal space. Photo: Publicity / Ark

Finally, in the virtual space destined to cultural institutions are Pinacoteca do Estado (SP), Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (MAM-SP), Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (MAM Rio), Institute of Contemporary Art (IAC ), Instituto Inhotim (MG) and Instituto Tomie Ohtake. Among the special artistic projects already confirmed participate 01.01 Art Platform, Casa Chama, Levante Nacional TROVOA, Espaço Delirium and Piscina. 


This year, discussions, debates and visits to the edition's workshops take place both virtually and in person. "Pit was based on a broad program, which ranged from current issues related to the art market to the promotion of debates between artists, gallery owners and curators”, comments Fernanda Feitosa, founder of SP-Arte. 

The Viewing Room will have exclusive curators made by Catarina Duncan, Diane Lima, Pollyana Quintella, Ricardo Sardenberg, Tiago Mesquita and design specialist Winnie Bastian. Each of the six professionals selected ten works from a free theme according to their research and prepared a guide text on the subject.

In person, there is extensive programming at STATE, a space adjacent to ARCA. THE exposure Art and technology: a revolution in progress, curated by Ana Carolina Ralston, occupies the shed with around twenty works. “Works by national and international artists and from different generations are brought together, who, in common, unfold their research using technology as an intrinsic process of their creations. The exhibition aims to discuss the place of technology in each production, be it generated and born in the digital sphere or materialized by the resources and reflections that it allows us to”, says the curator. In turn, the Talks occupies the grandstand at STATE, taking on a new format with informal conversations between art professionals and the fair's public. Check it out below:

  • October 20th at 14pm: Casa Chama promotes a conversation between the founders of the NGO, Digg Franco, Matuzza Sankofa and the artist Cinthia Marcelle, around the importance of visibility and recognition of artistic productions by trans people.
  • October 20th at 16pm: Potência Ativa is an articulation of art projects that debate the urgencies of the world and generate resources for organizations that work daily on the front of social struggles. Members Maíra Marques and Gabriela Davies were invited to talk about the project, accompanied by artist and researcher Fabiana Faleiros.
  • October 20 at 18:30 pm: Curator Ana Carolina Ralston talks with Eduardo Kac and Giselle Beiguelman, artists participating in the show Art and technology: a revolution.
  • October 22th at 14pm: Central Galeria promotes a meeting between the artist Gretta Sarfaty and the art researcher Mirtes Marins de Oliveira, anchor of the SP-Arte podcast, about the process of re-editing the book self-photos, a facsimile of a rare 1978 edition.
  • October 22th at 16pm: Gallery owner Thiago Gomide talks and introduces artist Luiza Crosman.
  • October 22th at 18pm: Artist Francisco Hurtz, from Verve Galeria, talks with journalist Mateus Nunes about the encounter between his artistic production and that of photographer Alair Gomes.
  • October 23th at 14pm: Promoted by Casa do Povo, the table Autonomous Spaces and Tactical Dependencies invites Benjamin Seroussi (Casa do Povo), Mauro Restiffe (artist) and Eliana Finkelstein (partner director of Galeria Vermelho) for a conversation about the collaborations between the different agents of the art system.
  • October 23th at 15pm: Book release Fernando Zarif – Multiple Unit
  • October 23th at 18pm: The 01.01 Art Platform promotes the meeting Abdias Nascimento, Mestre Didi and contemporary African art, with mediation and presentation by the artist Ana Beatriz Almeida.

Organized by consultant and art market specialist Vivian Gandelsman, the SP-Arte Digital Experiences complements the lecture series. The activity is part of a movement that seeks sustainability in the digital art market and brings together, in a series of conversations on Thursday, October 21, a network of professionals who are in constant dialogue and face common challenges. Check out:

  • October 21 at 16:40 pm: Artist Thiago Martins de Melo and designer Raul Luna talk about the creative process and the design of the digital exhibition Twilight Animal, held last year; and Vivian Gandelsman talks about the Animal Crepuscular sales process and the mapping of buyers.
  • October 21 at 17:25 pm: Collector Bernardo Faria and Vivian Gandelsman talk about the digital art market and, more specifically, about the NFT cryptocurrency.
  • October 21 at 17:45 pm: Artist Vitória Cribb presents relationships between her creative technological processes, formalization and personal perspectives in digital artistic production.
  • October 21 at 18:20 pm: Artist Ode presents Notes on Travecacceleration, thinking about blackness flanked by transvestility as the artist's cisgender capital-colonial dismantling practices.
  • October 21 at 18:40 pm: Artist Dani Pinheiro and playwright João Turchi, from the Mexa group, talk about the collective's actions, which transit between art and politics, in addition to approaching the transdisciplinary and collaborative practices of digital projects.

Also keep an eye on SP-Arte's Instagram and the various galleries. The project Capsule Collections, for example, produced by Galeria Jaqueline Martins, features conversations conducted by Lisette Lagnado and Mirtes Marins with guests such as Sandra Benites, Anita Eckman, Denilson Baniwa and Edgar Caleo.

Protocols in the pandemic

For the face-to-face fair at ARCA, SP–Arte adopts a series of security measures: ticket purchase (from R$ 25 to R$ 50) it takes place only online and by appointment, with limited audience capacity; In order to access the event, it will be necessary to present proof of vaccination (printed or digital) or a negative test for Covid-19, carried out within a maximum of 48 hours prior to the date of visiting the event. Interested parties can take the test at Drogasil, at market cost, for visitors to SP-Arte.

There will also be a temperature check on site, in addition to the recommendation of social distancing of at least 1,5 m between people. The use of the mask is mandatory for staying on site.

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