The Children's and Youth Book Fair in Bologna is considered the most important event in the sector worldwide. It works as a beacon in the market, attracting professionals from various areas who work with the segment in some way, be they editors, authors, illustrators, etc.
In partnership with Instituto Emília, Sesc brings to Brazil an exhibition that selects a panorama of 50 years of illustrator show held at the fair. 'Illustration as a door to the world' is on display at Sesc Bom Retiro until October 14 and, in addition to bringing together award-winning international artists, it brings five Brazilian artists who stand out in contemporary illustration. “I think it's a very special opportunity, not only for illustrators, but for all those who work with the illustrated book”, says Dolores Prades.
Despite bringing extremely well-known artists to the world illustration market, many are not known to the Brazilian public in general because they have never been translated in Brazil. Names such as Chiara Carrer, Tony Ross and Jean-Louis Besson are some of the works exhibited at the show.
The international curatorship is by Paola Vassali. Dolores Prades, at the head of Instituto Emília, became the national curator of the exhibition: “I thought it was essential to bring some representation of Brazilian illustration”, he comments.
Despite the cut of illustration in children's and youth books, the exhibition is suitable for all ages, arousing the curiosity of the youngest and the nostalgia of the elderly.

Illustration as a Door to the World

free visitation

Until October 14, 2018
Tue to Fri: from 09:00 to 21:00
Sat: 10:00 am to 21:00 pm
Sun: from 10:00 to 18:00

SESC Bom Retiro
Alameda Nothmann, 185 – Bom Retiro, São Paulo – SP, 01216-000
Tel: 11 3332 3600


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