Xadalu's work exhibited at the Iberê Camargo Foundation
View of the exhibition "Before it goes out: floating territories" at the Iberê Camargo Foundation. Photo: José Antonio Kalil / Reproduction

“Indigenous Area”, reads the reminders scattered through the streets of the capital of Rio Grande do Sul. The licks, posters, paintings and flags in which this phrase is written are by Xadalu Tupã Jekupé, a mestizo artist of Guarani Mbyá origin. Faced with a silencing of the indigenous presence in the western region of Rio Grande do Sul, where several ethnic groups were decimated, the works claim the right to the territory and symbolically reoccupy it. On the 14th of May, this reflection arrives at the Iberê Camargo Foundation with Before it fades: floating territories, individual of Xadalu. Bringing together 19 works – including 14 unpublished –, the exhibition revisits the artist’s childhood memories, as well as those of his mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, in the former Ararenguá Indigenous Land, on the banks of the Ibirapuitã River, in Alegrete.

“Xadalu's work opens up a perspective of history from the point of view of those who lost the battles. Not just the Guaranitic War, but also the small everyday battles, those that are silently being fought and maybe not even perceived as a battle for those who won”, highlights the curator. For him, the works contribute so that another way of life gains visibility and can become possible.

And if the exhibition seeks to bring these other worldviews and cosmologies (often erased), it is also in them that it sought to build itself. in chat organized by Instituto Ling in partnership with Fundação Iberê, artist and curator shared a little about the process of Before it fades: territories floating and highlighted the participation of the Guarani community in carrying out the work. They also told that during the process of elaborating the exhibition, Xadalu took Cauê to the Guarani village in Porto Alegre, “it was very magical those afternoons when we stayed together and we went there in the village, and around the fire we could talk about life like art – and not of art as life”, explains the artist.


Before it fades: floating territories
Iberê Camargo Foundation: Av. Padre Cacique, 2000 – Bairro Cristal, Porto Alegre (RS)
Visitation: May 14 to July 31, 2022
Open Hours: Thursday to Sunday, from 14 pm to 18 pm

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