Artifacts exhibited at the CCBB exhibition. Credit: Disclosure

After being seen by more than 1,4 million visitors in Rio de Janeiro, the exhibition Ancient Egypt: From Everyday to Eternity It is on display until May 11 at the CCBB in São Paulo. With 140 pieces on loan from the Egyptian Museum in Turin (Italy), which houses the second largest Egyptological collection in the world, the show brings together both replicas and original pieces.

If the pyramid mounted in the exhibition space is a reduced-scale representation, there are original artifacts such as a real human mummy, statues and figurines, a papyrus Book of the Dead and liturgical objects. There are still sarcophagi, vases and models from different periods of Ancient Egypt (ranging from 3100 BC to 30 BC).

According to the presentation text, the pieces in the show “have in common the relevance for the understanding of Egyptian culture, which partially maintained the same religious, political, artistic and literary models for three millennia”. According to Pieter Tjabbes, curator of the show together with Paolo Marini, “the main objective is to provide a large and diverse audience with a qualified understanding of Egyptian culture”.

The exhibition, which will also go on to the CCBBs in Brasília and Belo Horizonte, is divided into three sections: daily life, religion and eternity. The show also features an interactive section, with a video with 3D reconstruction of monuments, based on real data, which will allow visitors to explore places in Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt: From Everyday to Eternity
Banco do Brasil Cultural Center – Rua Álvares Penteado, 112
Free admission

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