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Works from "Projeto Expresso" exhibited at CASA Feminino Parada de Taipas. Photo: reproduction.

Pthrough contact with art, the Express Project aims to build a new perspective for young people in compliance with socio-educational measures, in addition to encouraging the socialization of these adolescents. In all, 30 young people aged between 12 and 18 participated in the program, which began in September 2021. The initiative involved drawing, painting, photography, music and audiovisual studios, led by seven contemporary visual artists: Ana Raylander Mártir dos Anjos, Bruno Dunley, Élle de Bernardini, Igi Lola Ayedun, Jaime Lauriano, Moisés Patrício and Raphael Escobar. The following teenagers participated in the workshops, nominated as young artists: Anny Fereira, Andrey, Camilly, Du, Caique C., DJ Monstro, Elisa, El Lipy, Estephany, E 07, Favela, G.Estevam, Hariel, Kaue Artes, Mateus Oliveira, Marcos O, Marquinhos, Marketing, Mascarado, Mg Da Sp, MC GH da Capital, João Poeta, MC mw.Oficial, Michele, Santiago, Tereza, Thiago Henrique, Vitória, Wendy and Xico.

Their experiences have been transformed into art and collectively exhibited since December last year. In its last week of exhibition, until January 30, it is possible to visit the exhibition at CASA Feminino Parada de Taipas, in the west of São Paulo.

The project has the authorship and general direction of Daniela Machado - who, in her adolescence, served a measure at the CASA Foundation, at the time called the State Foundation for the Well-Being of Minors (Febem/SP) -, executive direction by Carla Plascak and curator by Guilherme Teixeira and Carollina Lauriano. On Sunday 30th, from 11:30 am to 15:00 pm, both curators lead a guided tour of the exhibition. At the end of the visiting period, there are plans for the exhibition and its trajectory to be documented in a publication that will feature the works shown, images and texts by the artists and young participants.

In addition to being encouraged to make art, as part of the pedagogical activities of the project young people visited the exhibition Black Encyclopedia, at the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, and the exhibition Carolina Maria de Jesus: a Brazil for Brazilians, at Instituto Moreira Salles.

marking the end of Espresso, the teenagers and the artists involved held a series of dialogues, in a cycle of four meetings, in which they had exchanges about their experiences during the project.

Service: Casa Feminino Parada de Taipas. Rua Ilha da Juventude, 470-516, Jaraguá. Until Sunday (30/01), from 11 am to 16 pm. Free visit. More information on the website or e-mail:

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