“Eureka/Blindhotland” (1970-1975). Photo Carol Mendonça/ Publicity

One of the largest and most complete exhibitions by Rio de Janeiro artist Cildo Meireles, “Entrevendo” reaches its final stretch with a special program at Sesc Pompeia. The exhibition, which was the subject of a major report in the 49th edition of ARTE!Brasileiros (read here), brings together around 150 works, including installations, paintings, sculptures and drawings.

Curators Júlia Rebouças and Diego Matos, in addition to Marília Loureiro, curator's assistant, carry out six guided tours of the exhibition, with scripted routes, with the aim of presenting the poetic and narrative richness of Meireles' trajectory. Visits are free and take place at 19pm on January 14th and 28th with Júlia Rebouças; January 21 and 30 with Diego Matos; and January 23 with Marília Loureiro. Tickets must be picked up at the box office one hour before each activity, for up to 20 people.

In addition, the Sesc Pompeia Theater will host three sessions of short films about Cildo's work, followed by conversations with guests. On January 15th, will be shown Insertions into ideological circuits (1970/2013), directed by the artist himself, and the short Cildo Meireles (1979), by Wilson Coutinho. The chat will be with researcher, historian and curator Aracy Amaral and mediated by curator Diego Matos.

On the 22nd, the film will be shown Object Grammar (2000), by Felipe Sá and Frederico Morais. After the film, critic and curator Frederico Morais will speak to the public with the mediation of curator Júlia Rebouças. Finally, on the 29th, the super-8 registration of the installation will be presented Eureka/Blindhotland (1975) in its first production, in the Experimental Area of ​​MAM Rio. Júlia Rebouças and Diego Matos lead the conversation with the participation of Cildo Meireles. The three events at the Theater will take place at 20 pm and are free, with tickets distributed at the box office one hour before each activity.

Cildo Meireles: Entertaining

Sesc Pompeia – Rua Clélia, 93, São Paulo
until February 02
Free admission

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