"The Warrior" (Series Mehrere Mex – People who extend their beauty). Photo: Guta Galli

A large exhibition on indigenous culture and art completes the Afro Brasil Museum’s trilogy on the peoples responsible for the formation of the country – africa africans (2015) and Portugal, Portuguese (2016). Entitled Heritages of a deep Brazil, the show occupies a large area of ​​the São Paulo museum, located in Ibirapuera Park, with diverse objects, works of art and photographs from different periods and regions of the country.

Curated by Emanoel Araujo, the exhibition brings together around 500 pieces of feather art, ornaments, basketry, masks, sculptures, utensils and contemporary art from various indigenous ethnicities. Among them the Karajá, Marubo, Kayapó, Mehinako, Yanomami, Rikbaktsa, Tapirapé, Waurá, Tapayuna, Baniwa, Ashaninka, Parakanã, Panará and Juruna. One of the highlights of the show is the Men's House, built by a group of four indigenous people of the Mehinako people.

According to the curator's text, "this exhibition celebrates the lives of these forest peoples who through centuries live and survive being attacked by white men, thirsty to show the world, said to be civilized, the many cultures of the ethnicities of the peoples of the forest". Thus, in addition to the production of native peoples, the exhibition also exposes the vision that the white man has presented over the centuries about the natives, whether in paintings, documents or photographs.

presents an award-winning group of photographers who dedicated themselves (or are still dedicated) to the documentation of Brazilian indigenous populations, such as Claudia Andujar, Rosa Gauditano, Maureen Bisiliat, Nair Benedicto, Manuel Rodrigues Ferreira, Rodrigo Pretella, Jamie Stewart-Granger, among others. others. Among the contemporary indigenous artists present in the exhibition is the young Denilson Baniwa, winner of the PIPA Online 2019 award. The exhibition also includes artists such as Gilberto Salvador, Claudio Tozzi, Rubens Ianelli, João Camara Filho and João Pedro Vale, among others.

“This exhibition has many aspects, as it could not fail to be in the face of so much complexity in the life and art of our people who still resist attacks and national ineffectiveness (...) in defense of our people, who were here and who continue to be in lands where they have always been the owner, forever!”

Heritages of a deep Brazil
Until July 26
Afro Brazil Museum – Ibirapuera Park
Free admission


*Read in our next issue a full report on the show


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