leda catunda
"Belly", 2018, by Leda Catunda. Photo: Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel and Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Buenos Aires.

A from the 19th of February until the month of August, the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA) presents the sample Out of series (out of the box), with works by Leda Catunda from São Paulo and Alejandra Seeber from Buenos Aires – two Latin American artists whose aesthetic research delves into the limits of painting.

Curated by Francisco Lemos, the show brings together works, studies, sketches and historical and recent documents. According to the introductory text, the exhibition showcases the works of Seeber and Catunda “in the context of their pictorial techniques and the influence they receive from urban culture, modern art, design, music and nature. Evidencing shared perspectives and zones of difference, she seeks to illuminate the particularities of her works, suggesting exchanges between their trajectories and aesthetics”.

The exhibition occupies two spaces at MALBA, one of the most important Argentine cultural institutions, inaugurating the “Paralelo 1 || 3” – which brings into conversation exhibition spaces on the ground and second floors of the museum. Out of series will be accompanied by a homonymous book edited by Gabriela Rangel, the museum's artistic director, with images and a curatorial essay by Lemus, a text by the American poet John Yau and an interview with the two artists.

Alejandra Seeber and Leda Catunda
“Mujer Pancho”, 1999, by Alejandra Seeber. Photo: National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires

In an excerpt from his text, Yau writes: “In expanding the limits of painting – an effort that, at the same time, calls into question its privileged status – Catunda and Seeber take the discipline to a new territory where the subject is serious, but not taken too seriously. Both artists are able to bring humor and social awareness to their work. They question the standards of what constitutes beauty and a refined aesthetic experience for the viewer and invite them to do the same.”

In addition to her first exhibition at the Buenos Aires museum, in the second half of 2021 Leda Catunda presents an exhibition at Carpintaria (space of the Forts D'Aloia & Gabriel in Rio de Janeiro), alongside American Judy Chicago.

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