Nuno Ramos exhibition in Zurich. PHOTO: Nelly Rodriguez

The Kogan Amaro gallery opens, with an exhibition by the artist Nuno Ramos, its branch in the city of Zurich, Switzerland. The São Paulo house, located in the Jardins region, opens its space on the European continent within the Löwenbräu-Kunst cultural center, where it will share the place with other galleries and art institutions.

Opening this Friday, May 24, the exhibition Sun to Pino brings together two series of drawings and two paintings by Nuno Ramos, in which the artist “describes his desire for solarization, an attempt at joy in dark times”, according to the exhibition's presentation text.

If the paintings materialize strong colors on wood – with the use of paint, oil, paraffin, Vaseline and powder – the drawings, which are more obscure, dialogue with the Greek myths of Antigone and Cassandra, generating contrasts and frictions already common in the artist’s work. .

The choice of Nuno for the debut of Kogan Amaro in Switzerland, according to the gallerists, was taken by the desire to offer a plural and comprehensive work to the international scene, with an artist already consecrated on the national scene.

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