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Bringing together works by modernist artists from different states of the country, the exhibition Modern Where? Modern When? extends the legacy of the Semana de 22 in time and space, encompassing both its antecedents and its aftermath. curated by Aracy Amaral and Regina Teixeira de Barros, the exhibition is on display at the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art (MAM-SP) until December 12, 2021.

“It is common sense that the Week was a watershed between the old and the new. However, if we look at the production (artistic, musical, architectural, literary) that precedes it – and allow ourselves to consider other locations in the country besides São Paulo – we will find countless evidences that it is part of a broad (and discontinuous) process. that extrapolates it, both temporally and spatially”, explain the curators.

The period from the turn of the century, in 1900, to the implementation of the Estado Novo by Getúlio Vargas, in 1937, was chosen to demarcate the time span of the show. The year 1900 represents the spirit of the Belle Époque, a period between the end of the 19 and beginning of 20 marked by cultural, artistic and technological transformations. So, Modern Where? Modern When? divided into three nuclei: the pre-modernists, the works and artists participating in the event at the Municipal Theater and the developments of the movement until 1937.

According to Cauê Alves, chief curator of MAM-SP, “more than a celebration of the centenary of the Semana de 22, the museum contributes to research and reflection on what this event meant, its background and developments. The exhibition will certainly contribute to redefining the historical importance of the Week of 22 and broadening the understanding of modernism as a national event”.

A arte!brasileiros visited MAM São Paulo and talked to the curators when the exhibition was being set up. Check out the interview given to the editorial director, Patricia Rousseaux:

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