Image: Stefania Sangi

The Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul presents, until 17/02/2019, the exhibition “Deconstructions and articulations”, by the artist Marcos Amaro. President of the Marcos Amaro Foundation, the collector's work was curated by Fábio Magalhães.

The proposal begins with the dismantling of planes that are paralyzed, transformed by the artist into large sculptures. The catastrophic air refers to the action caused by time. The resignification of what has lost its primary function governs the traveling exhibition.

Amaro also incorporates other trivialized and discarded objects and materials. By placing them as part of the work, he gives each of them new meanings without forgetting memory. The fragments of each of the materials he reorganized make reference to their previous meanings and uses.

The Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul Ado Malagoli – MARGS is one of the most important cultural institutions in its state. With more than 3.660 works of art, covering the first half of the XNUMXth century to the present day, the collection emphasizes the production of gaucho artists.


Fábio Magalhães, curator of the exhibition, develops works with the media of Painting and his works arise from metaphors created from psychic conditions and conclusions of the imaginary person. His creative method starts from photography and materializes in painting. His work comprises a vast curriculum.

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