MAHKU artists in production of their works for the exhibition MAHKU - Cantos de Imagens at Casa de Cultura do Parque
MAHKU artists in production of their works. Photo: Daniel Dinato

Conductors of ayahuasca rituals among the Huni Kuin Indians, the chants huni meka they are understood as instruments of mediation between the visible and invisible worlds. From the 2nd of July, some of them echo through the Park Culture House as part of MAHKU – Corners of images. The exhibition is an offshoot of research by the Huni Kuin Artists Movement (MAHKU) and presents a series of works that transpose this important cultural milestone to the visual arts. The selection includes 11 paintings and a large installation by the artist Kássia Borges, which will be assembled with the public during the opening.

Part of the Huni Kuin indigenous people – which has about 14 people in the state of Acre and Peru – the MAHKU is currently composed of Ibã, Kássia Borges, Pedro Maná, Cleiber Bane and Acelino Tuin. Founded in 2012, in the municipality of Jordão, in the state of Acre, the group continues the research of its founder, Ibã Huni Kuin and his son Bane – who, in 2009, began to transform huni meka into images, in order to memorize and understand them. The learning method was later collectivized, generating the collective artistic.

Curator of the show alongside Ibã Huni Kuin, anthropologist Daniel Dinato shares that in this exhibition they sought to highlight the personal quality of artistic manifestations, presenting different versions of the songs. “Although the mythical and ritual background of the works is collective, each artist transforms the huni meka in a specific way and, thus, the collective also maintains a certain autonomy and internal independence. As the members of MAHKU often say, even if you paint the same corner a thousand times, it will never come out the same. Always diverse, always unique,” ​​he explains.

Those who visit the Casa de Cultura do Parque can also check out the other exhibitions of the II Exhibition Cycle 2022. Rodrigo Bivar's solo exhibition, Short, brings together works that are built from the idea of ​​ephemerality, since felting brings a selection of works in dyed sheep's wool felt made by Teresa Viana. Find out more by visiting institution website.


MAHKU – Image corners 

Location: House of Culture of the Park – Av. Prof. Fonseca Rodrigues, 1300 – Alto de Pinheiros
Exhibition period: July 2nd to September 18th
Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 18 pm
Realization of Casa de Cultura do Parque and Carmo Johnson Project

Free admission upon presentation of proof of vaccination

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