"The Suitcase", 1986/87, by José Carratu. Photo: Disclosure

titled Drawing Memorial, the new long-term exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC-USP), which will be on view until June 2020, presents a relevant selection of the São Paulo museum's drawing collection, with modern and contemporary works. Within the institution's collection of more than 10 works, about 70% are on paper, and it was mainly on these pieces that curator Carmen Aranha focused her research.

The exhibition highlights the trajectory of MAC-USP's works on paper, ranging from drawings from the early 20th century to current works recently acquired, and also brings together guest artists who, together, reveal the various resources of language and support. As the exhibition's presentation text explains, some works also propose technical innovations and incorporate unlikely materials, such as suitcases, wood, canvas and acrylic. Thus, the show explores various potentialities, paths and memories that emerge from the drawing.

According to the curator: “The proposal is also to pay homage to the artistic language that was the parent of the others. In the present show, drawing is seen, first, as a visuality of thought and, as Beuys says, it is constituted from the point at which invisible tensions become visible, 'a special type of reflection that springs from the surface, whether it is flat or curved, on a solid support (such as a slate, a paper) or other surface expansion, where the balance senses (vision, hearing and touch) are worked together.

Alongside the museum's collection of drawings, five artists show their work – an update of the contemporary look and work. They are the Scotsman Donald Urquhardt, the multimedia artist John Parker, active in the USA, and the Brazilians Vitor Mizael, Rosana Paulino and Rodrigo Munhoz.

Drawing Memorial
MAC-USP – Av. Pedro Alvares Cabral, 1301, Ibirapuera, Sao Paulo
From June 29, 2019 to June 28, 2020
Free admission


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