"Rumble", by Lucia Koch. Photo: Disclosure

The new exhibition by the artist Lucia Koch, presented at the Nara Roesler gallery, in São Paulo, has its title composed of the names of two major installations present in the show: Turmoil e Whirlwind. In the main hall of the gallery, Turmoil it is an intersection of diagonal curtains that cut the space, generating an accumulation of semi-transparent layers. As the exhibition's publicity text explains, “part of these filter-curtains seem to pass through the walls, continuing beyond the exhibition rooms”.

Whirlwind, in turn, appears as a kind of counterpoint to the first work. The work presents itself as a kind of anti-showcase, with the opening of the large glass window of the exhibition space filled entirely with a red lattice. “In it is installed a large circle (cut from the same truss) that moves slowly with the help of a motor, thus creating an moire, that can be seen both from inside and outside the gallery”, says the text.

In other works exhibited, the show also raises discussions about the artistic work done in collaboration. night work, created collectively, echoes the experience of A Long night, established by Lucia Koch at Sesc Pompeia in 2018. trauma, presented on the opening date of the exhibition, is a performance created by Coletiva Balaiada Qualira, formed by artists Eliara Lua, Flora Maria, Ana Musidora and Jo dos Santos. The group also presents the video performance Eclipse, made together with Aline Belfort.

turmoil, whirlwind
Nara Roesler Gallery – Avenida Europa, 655, Jardim Europa, São Paulo
Until October 19st


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