Work by Rosa Grizzo at Casa TATO I
Work by Rosa Grizzo that makes up the exhibition at Casa TATO I. Photo: Courtesy of Galeria TATO

In this month the TATO gallery opened its doors with its first in-person exhibition after months closed due to social isolation. The exhibition is the result of Casa Tato I, a training program offered by the gallery, and remains open until September 27 (Sunday).

The project brought thirteen artists closer to a group of curators. There were 39 virtual meetings promoting dialogue with collectors and agents in the art market. Participated in this first edition Arlette Kalaigian, Corina Ishikura, Cris Basile, Cynthia Leitão, Heloisa Lodder, Jussara Marangoni, Kika Goldstein, Luciana Luchesi, Marcos Pereira de Almeida, Nil Sanchez, Rosa Grizzo, Rosana Pagura and Silvio Dworecki. At the exhibition, held with the support of Gallery Why not?, from Punta Del Este, ca.The artist presents her work with a small exhibition in one of the rooms of the exhibition space. 

In order to ensure greater safety in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, visitation is by appointment only and all health protocols are followed, including the mandatory use of a mask. The works will also be exhibited online by Artsoul.

the training program

Casa TATO – which results in the show – was born from an idea by Tato DiLascio, founder and director of the Gallery. In his 10-year career, the curator has noticed a lack of services for the development of artists in view of the demands made by the art market. It was thinking about filling this gap that he devised a training and experimentation program.

The general objective was to create opportunities for the development of skills for the artist who wants to become a professional. For this to happen, thirteen curators were invited and carried out approaches and reflections on the work of those enrolled in Casa TATO. In parallel, each participant selected a name from the list of curators, with whom they had more in-depth conversations about their works and the future of their professional trajectory.  

Tato says that this first class was designed to take place in person, but the pandemic changed the course of the project. Most of the meetings took place virtually, providing a closer approach between the artists and all the curators and greater reflection and deepening in the poetics of the works. In addition, Tato DiLascio believes that the online format brings a positive side to the training: “In this way, Casa TATO enables the presence of artists from all over Brazil. Therefore, we will continue with this format going forward”, he explains.

Therefore, the second training cycle, starting in October, will also take place virtually. “Training takes place through Zoom, the only thing in person is the exhibition. Curators will visit the assembled exhibition, which they can go to see alone or following distancing protocols”, says the director. Applications for the second edition of the project are open (click here).


Address: R. Veríssimo Glória, 59 – Perdizes
Hours: From Friday to Sunday – from 12:16 to XNUMX:XNUMX
To visit the exhibition in person, it is necessary to schedule up to 15 minutes in advance. For this, send a WhatsApp message to (11) 98171-2121

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