Luiz Braga - Terra Salobra

In his fourth solo exhibition at Galeria Leme/AD, opening on August 17, the photographer from Pará Luiz Braga continues his already renowned career as a photographer, which began in the 1970s. Entitled “Luiz Braga: interiors, portraits [and landscapes] ]”, the show mainly brings together portraits and interior scenes, sometimes inhabited by people, sometimes with objects and views of landscapes.

In the exhibition's curatorial text, signed by Tadeu Chiarelli, the critic and curator writes: “What drives me when I look at Luiz Braga's photos? In the first place, the photographer's treatment of light: what marks his work, it seems to me, is the way he constructs his images through the contrast (sometimes subtle, sometimes marked) between artificial light and natural light, a fact that it generates a range of colors capable of causing in those who observe its images, a feeling of familiarity and estrangement. This is because it is in this operation that Braga denaturalizes the photographic 'truth', it is when he denounces its artificial dimension”.


In the same text, Chiarelli talks about the show: “The exhibition is constituted by that other axis of the artist's production in which the discreet manipulation of the photographic medium only enhances the artist's ability to operate with light and colors, in situations sometimes subtle, sometimes well marked. To emphasize these characteristics, the option was for portraits and interior scenes because it is precisely in these types of photos that the feeling of communion between the photographer and the individual, or with the portrayed place, reaches one of the most prominent moments of his trajectory”.

“Of the interior scenes, those in which people, (when they appear), are captured performing activities, (or simply resting), in a darker, sheltered foreground and the external environment, full of light were privileged. In the empty scenes, paradoxically, the presence of the inhabitants of the places permeates everything: the ordering of the objects, the care with the smallest details, everything recreated by the light, by the saturation of one or another area of ​​the image, which reveals, once again, the photographer's empathy with the environment and its occupants.

Luiz Braga: interiors, portraits [and landscapes]
Galeria Leme/AD – Av. Valdemar Ferreira, 130, Sao Paulo
From August 17th to September 28th
Free admission

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