General view of the exhibition. Photo: Jean Peixoto/ Publicity

A relationship between man, space and nature, more specifically in the context of the city of Brasília, is the theme that runs through the show oreds, on display until August 19 at Galeria Camões, in Brasília. Inspired by the Federal Capital, in the characteristic landscape of the cerrado in contrast to the modern and utopian ideal of the city's architecture, the exhibition brings together works by the Portuguese Gabriela Albergaria and the Brazilian Marcelo Moscheta.

Already used to working with themes related to territory and landscape, the two artists – both represented in Brazil by the galeria Vermelho – are now found in works with a common theme, despite the specifics of each production: “Gabriela and I are friends and we exhibit in the same gallery. The initial idea was to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Brasília, and we also wanted to celebrate the relationship between space, the city and the natural”, says clip in the show's presentation text.

Detail from the series “Before”, by Marcelo Moscheta. Photo: Joana França/ Publicity

For Albergaria, in the exhibition at Galeria Camões, the quest to find points of communication between man, nature and culture gained prominence through the Botanical Garden. Upon getting to know the place, he contrasted the naturalness of the cerrado with the landscaping of Burle Marx and realized that the Brazilian artist and landscaper “in fact made a political landscape, in the sense that species from all over Brazil are found together in the same place”. The main piece presented by her is entitled 1/20 of arable land needed to fill gallery space, made with land from different regions of Brazil.

Moscheta's work focuses on the memory of the place and questions the boundaries of territory, geography and physics. “My relationship with the landscape rests on a first attempt to build an ideal place, an imitation of nature as a faithful portrait of the relationships of perfection and balance”, he explains in the disclosure text. at installation Hiatus, the largest work in the show, the artist invites the visitor to walk among the branches, through a corridor created inside the piece.

Detail of “1/20 of arable land needed to fill the gallery space”, by Gabriela Albergaria. Photo: Joana França/ Publicity

Visits to the exhibition at Camões Gallery, which is located at the Portuguese Embassy in Brazil (Av. das Nações, Quadra 801, Lote 2) are limited to ten people, following all security protocols.

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