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“How do we feel language these days?”. This is one of the questions that guided Marta Mestre and Pollyana Quintella in the curatorship of farce. Language, fracture, fiction: Brazil-Portugal, shown on display at the Sesc Pompeii, in Sao Paulo.

Bringing experimental proposals from the 60s/70s to the production of artists who emerged in the XNUMXst century, in Brazil and Portugal, farce emphasizes the power of language and its deconstruction strategies, in countries that share a language that was both a factor of oppression and a vector of freedom.

“An exhibition that relates Brazil and Portugal could be read according to a supposed linguistic unity between the two countries, however what farce seeks to do is just the opposite: to deconstruct the myth of Lusophony and affirm that there are many Portuguese languages”, says Pollyana Quintella. For the curators, Portuguese is a disputed, multiple and ambiguous language – which carries both a colonizing character and the possibility of building other worlds and horizons – and this could not be overlooked.

It is in this reasoning that farce extrapolates the spoken language. “There are many works in this exhibition that speak of other languages, which resist this colonial monoculture. Languages ​​of the body, of silence, of noise, of secrecy; and that produce ways to escape this fascism of the language”, explains Quintella. As Marta Mestre presents, we are experiencing a time of proliferation of increasingly diverse forms of language, especially with the strong virtual presence. That is why, farce it also seeks to think “how did digital in a way come to inflect what we understand as language? How do we position ourselves and how do artists reflect on this?”, concludes Mestre.

A arte!brasileiros visited the exhibition and spoke with its curators. Watch the video and learn more:

farce runs until January 30, 2021. For everyone's safety in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone's body temperature is taken at the entrance and the use of masks is mandatory throughout the visit.

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