"On Earth, Under Heaven" (2022), view of the exhibition at Galeria Vermelho. Disclosure.

Until the 10th of September, Vermelho presents Over the earth, under the sky, individual of the duo Detanico Lain, this being his eighth solo exposure in the gallery.

The works of Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain are imbued with scientific, mathematical and literary references. They deal with themes related to time, space, memory, language and history. In Over the earth, under the sky, in particular, they are always crossed by the question of language.

Among the works on display is the series Vanitas (2018), where words that refer to the passage of time are written with a writing system in which each letter of the alphabet is designated by a certain number of flowers inside vases. A vase with one flower corresponds to the letter A, a vase with two flowers to the letter B, and so on. And on the second floor we have Terra Incognita (2022), in which the title of the work appears written in acrylic paint on a linen canvas, using the system timezonetype, developed by Detanico Lain. timezonetype is a typography created from the relationship between time zones and the letters of the alphabet. The portion of land cut by the time zone is used as the letter it designates.

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