Derlon's work alongside old photopaintings. PHOTO: Disclosure

Known for his language that dialogues both with popular art – especially Northeastern woodcuts – and with graffiti and street art, Recife-based artist Derlon has built a solid and prolific career over the last decade. Whether on the walls of cities in Brazil and abroad – from European capitals to the hinterland of Ceará – or in exhibitions in museums and galleries, Derlon has developed a striking visual identity, with a predominance of black and white and a sober use of other colors.

Living in São Paulo for seven years, Derlon is now returning to Recife to present the exhibition the beauty of the weathero – shortly after launching a book about his work in Rio de Janeiro, at the Artur Fidalgo gallery. The exhibition in the capital of Pernambuco, at Galeria Amparo 60, is based on a long research carried out by the artist on photopaintings, a technique widely used in the past, but practically extinct today.

“I was born in Recife, I have this nostalgic aspect, I work a lot with memory. It's something that touches me a lot, with which I identify. That's why I was touched by these photopaintings”, explains Derlon in the exhibition's introductory text. In the works that are on display, the artist uses photopaintings to develop his works.

The exhibition features works of different dimensions – made with acrylic on MDF and plywood, using spray, stencil and brush – as well as a large mural made on one wall of the building. “Working on a wall is quite different from working on a canvas. I've been maturing my work, but without losing my references, but experimenting with new possibilities”, he says.

The Beauty of Time – Derlon

From June 1 to 28, 2019.

Amparo Gallery 60 – Rua Artur Muniz, 82, Boa Viagem, Recife

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