On November 08th, Sesc Belenzinho opened the doors of the exhibition “Fields of Invisibility.” The curatorship is by Cláudio Bueno, Ligia Nobre and curatorial assistance by Ruy Cézar Campos, who also presents two works.

Through the organization of 23 productions by 18 Brazilian and foreign artists, it is proposed to immerse and reflect on what is actually behind the various technological achievements present in the daily life of the contemporary subject. In other words, what are the industrial processes and geopolitical impacts they generate. Photographs, videos, audios, maps and installations question the myth of immateriality implanted by technologies and denounce the extremely high costs for the environment.

Fields of Invisibility concentrates works that carry different baggage of Brazilian, English, British, Colombian, Canadian, French, African and French-Guyanese artists, with a common reflection.

Check out the full text about the exhibition, by Nayani Real, clicking herei.

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