Flag displayed in the central hall of Sesc Bom Retiro, made by Coletivo Tem Sentimento and artist Maré de Matos. Photo: Marcos Ferraz

Em poster until February 27 at sesc Bom Retiro, the collective exhibition Birico: autonomous poetics in flux presents works by artists and collectives active in the so-called Cracolândia, in downtown São Paulo. Among residents of the region or people who have worked there for many years, the exhibition brings together more than 40 participants and helps to break with stigmas and prejudices about people who inhabit or attend Cracolândia.

As the curatorial text says, signed by collective Birico: “To look at Cracolândia is to see a territory of immense affection, collectivity and creativity, which dares to survive intolerance, abstinence and repression. It means knowing real harm reduction policies and, above all, a lot of solidarity. It is to come across the most charming soul of the streets that, to the surprise of many, is capable of transmuting the pain of exclusion into a healing party, into a pagoda, into a pulsating culture, into a continuous flow of exchanges, into diversity, into poetry, into feeling of humanity”.

The exhibition brings together creations in different languages, such as lambe-lambes, photos, sound pieces, three-dimensional works and graphic pieces, among others. THE arte!brasileiros visited the show. Watch the video below:

Participate in the exhibition Birico: autonomous poetics in flux: Alberto Pereira, Aline Motta, Aluízio Marino, Ananda Giuliani, Chip Thomas, Cleverson I. Salvaro, Coletivo Transverso, Daniel Mello, Dentinho, Crew of the film “Diz A Ela Que Me Viu Chorar”, Fábio Rodrigues, Felipe Risada, Frederico Filippi , Grupo Mexa, Helen Salomão, Hideki Nomies, Índio Badaross, Iskor, Jaick MC, João Leoci, Joh Bittencourt, Juliana Dos Santos, Julio Dojcsar, MC Kawex, Kelly Reis, Kika Carvalho, Lau Guimarães, Mag Magrela, Maré de Matos, Mônica Ventura, Mundano, Ozi, Pablo Vieira, Paty Bonani, Paulestinos, Paulo Pereira, Pri Barbosa, Raphael Escobar, Raul Zito, Renata Felinto, Sato do Brasil, Sol Casal and Yori Ken.

SERVICE: Birico – Autonomous Poetics in Flow
WHERE: Sesc Bom Retiro – Alameda Nothmann, 185, São Paulo.
WHEN: Until February 27, 2022; Tuesday to Friday, from 14 pm to 20 pm; Saturdays from 10 am to 16 pm.
Free admission


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