Kader Attia - irreparable repairs
Sculptures by Kader Attia on display at the Irreparable Repairs show. Photo: Gui Gomes/ Publicity

FThe son of an Algerian father and a Berber mother, Kader Attia is one of the most recognized French artists of his generation. He grew up in Algeria and the suburbs of Paris and uses this experience of living between two cultures as a starting point to develop her artistic practice, which we can get in touch with at Irreparable Repairs, the artist's solo show on display at Sesc Pompeia until January 30th.

In his work, Kader has shown a special interest in the notion of reparation, a concept understood by him as a process of improvement and healing, whether of institutions or traditions, subjects or objects; something that can be linked to losses or wounds, recovery or reappropriation. Em Irreparable Repairs, his main reflection occurs in the period after the conflict – in what remains and in the absence –, also using the void to indicate the former presence of something. 

Watch the video and learn more:

Want to know more about the show? THE arte!brasileiros visited the exhibition and columnist Fabio Cypriano tells a little of his personal experience in text for issue #53 of the magazine. Read here.

Irreparable Repairs – Kader Attia runs until January 30, 2021. For everyone's safety in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, body temperature is measured at the entrance and the use of masks is mandatory throughout the visit. Book your ticket on the Sesc Pompeia website by clicking here.



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