marília razuk
"Dearest Wild [Zebras]", 2010, Daniel Acosta. Photo: Disclosure

Based on the work of four celebrated artists working mainly in the second half of the 20th century – Amilcar de Castro (1920-2002), Eleonore Koch (1926-2018), Julio Plaza (1938-2003) and Leonilson (1957-1993) -, the São Paulo gallery Marília Razuk opens this Saturday, July 31st, the 4×5 Project. Divided into four modules of about 20 days each, the show is curated by Douglas de Freitas and takes place both in person (by appointment) and virtually.

Each module is based on the work of an artist and has a specific thematic axis. The first, entitled Espaço (July 31 to August 20), places works by Ana Sario, Alexandre Canonico, Daniel Acosta and Hugo Frasa side by side with the production of Amilcar de Castro. “Amilcar's flat geometric shapes open up to space through his operations, whether cutting and folding, or displacement. In this sense, the artists participating in this first module work with form and its possible relationships with space, whether real space, screen space, or mental space. Thus, plans build elements in space, or spaces are planned in the works”, explains the curator in the promotional text of the Marília Razuk gallery.

marília razuk
“Untitled”, Hugo Frasa, acrylic on canvas. Photo: Disclosure

The second module, entitled Project (August 21 to September 10), focuses on research with a strong conceptual character and a semiotic approach to the art of the Spaniard Julio Plaza, placed in dialogue with works by Ana Dias Batista, Froiid, Vanderlei Lopes and Raquel Gaberlotti. The third module, Landscape (September 11 to October 1) will be guided by the paintings of uninhabited landscapes by German artist Eleonore Koch, in dialogue with works by Desali, Laura Belém, Mariana Serri and Rommulo Vieira Conceição.

Finally, the last module of the show at Galeria Marília Razuk (October 2nd to 17th) is entitled Body and part of Leonilson's autobiographical and sensitive work, placed in conversation with works by Adalgisa Campos, Amanda Melo da Mota, Lais Myrrha and Maria Laet. All modules will be displayed in the gallery's physical space (Rua Jerônimo da Veiga, 131, Itaim Bibi) and in the Gallery's Viewing Room. The public will also be able to follow the assembly and disassembly processes that take place between the shows.

SERVICE: 4×5 Project
Mon-Fri, from 11 am to 18 pm / Sat, 11 am to 16 pm, by appointment by phone or email:
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