The impressive immersive exhibition The Library at Night, an initiative by the Argentine writer Alberto Manguel with scenography by the multimedia artist Robert Lepage and the collective Ex Machina has already visited Canada, France and Russia. Until February 2019, the public will be able to check out the exhibition at Sesc Avenida Paulista, a building recently opened by the institution.

As it contains immersion activities, public visitation requires prior scheduling. There are two rooms, the first being a recreation of the Manguel library in France, in which the visitor is introduced to the idea of ​​the universe that is the librarian environment. The second puts the visitor, through 3D virtual reality, to discover 10 libraries, real or imaginary, one of them being the Nautilus library, from the book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne.

In addition to the unmissable experience of immersion, the public also has available a series of activities linked to the show, passing through various centers (literature, audiovisual, technology, etc.), such as bookbinding and 360° video creation workshops.

Check out in the video the interview with Lilian Salles, supervisor of the Visual Arts nucleus, and learn more about The Library at Night.

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